Top 7 Nutrient Dense Foods

Top 7 Nutrient Dense Foods /Top 7 Nutrient-Dense Greens/Leaf Vegetables

ANDI score for leafy vegetables is high when compared to fruits and vegetables.It shows leafy vegetables contains more nutrients(vitamins and minerals)compared to fruits and vegetables.

Nutrient density is defined as a ratio of nutrient content to the total energy content.More about Nutrient density

 Dr. Fuhrman  ranks the foods using ANDI scoring system. ANDI stands for “Aggregate Nutrient Density Index.” An ANDI score is showed in scales from 1 to 1000 based on nutrient content.ANDI is based on the formula (Health = Nutrients / Calories).It considers micro nutrients per calorie, vitamins, minerals, and  many known beneficial phytochemicals for calculation.
bunch of Swizz Chard

According to  Dr. Fuhrman, the top 7 most #nutrient-dense foods are leaf vegetables and their respective ANDI scores are ,

1.Mustard Greens – 1000
Storehouse of powerful antioxidants like vitamin K, vitamin A and vitamin C.
2.Collard Greens - 1000
Nutritional powerhouse minimize the risk of cancer, heart attacks and provides various health benefits.
3. Kale - 1000
Strengthens the immune system and fights against viruses and bacteria.Speeds up the metabolism and aids in weight reduction.
 4.Watercress – 1000
Eating Watercress a day helps to improve your skin tone,reduces wrinkles and provides more health benefits.It is anti-aging.
5.Swizz Chard – 895 
Helps to prevent osteoporosis,anemia,vitamin-A deficiency,cardiovascular diseases,colon and prostate cancers.

6.Bok Choy – 865

Good source of folic acid,rich in Vitamin C.Boost the immune system and helps to prevent various diseases. 7.Spinach – 707  
Spinach is GOOD for Eye Health."Eat spinach and get supercharged strength like Popeye".More Spinach Benefits.

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