Top 5 Nutrient-Dense Vegetables

Nutrient dense foods are fully packed with nutrients(vitamins and minerals).They are usually low in calories but contains high amount of vitamins and minerals.

In other words,Nutrient dense foods are rich in nutrients when compared to their calorie content.

Nutrient dense foods are healthy foods rich in nutrients compared to energy-dense foods and satisfies the nutrient requirements of the human body.

Nutrient dense foods examples,fruits and vegetables,satisfies the nutrient needs of your body and makes you feel fuller for long time.

Energy-dense foods are low in fiber and are high in sugar and fat content.Examples- Products containing added sugars, processed cereals are Energy-dense foods.These foods may not truly satisfy the appetite. 

broccoli green colored vegetable

Reduce energy-dense foods and include more nutrient-dense foods in you diet for healthy living.

Nutrient dense foods helps to limit fat, calories, and possible weight gain.

According to  Dr. Fuhrman,Check ANDI food score of Top 5 Nutrient-Dense Vegetables.

Top 5 Nutrient-Dense Vegetables

1.Carrots  458
Carrot is an attractive root vegetable with negligible amount of fat and no cholesterol. More 


Relieves stomach inflammation and contributes to the healing of gastroduodenal ulcers,Cabbage also helps to prevent cancer.More 


Phytochemicals of broccoli helps to stop the growth of cancerous cells.

Cauliflower promotes all digestive functions from the stomach to the colon.It also regulates the transit through intestine both in the case of constipation and 

Capsicum speeds up the metabolism and helps to burn calories.

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