7 Iron Rich Natural Foods

List of seven super natural foods to treat anemia:

1.Beetroot Kheer :

            Peel the beetroot skin.Slice them into small pieces.Add a cup of coconut milk and cashews.Include jaggery for sweetness and grind.

2.Plantain Flower Chutney:

                 As usual clean the Plantain Flower and cut them into small pieces.Add Roasted gram,ginger,green chilly,salt and shredded coconut.Finally grind.

3.Soup with drumstick leaves:
                       Add  Garlic,pepper,ginger,salt,cumin seeds with drumstick leaves.Boil it.Finally filter it.

4.Mint Juice:

      Grind  Mint leaves,lemon juice,jaggery and water.Helps to be active,aids in treating urinary infections.
fruits basket
5.Fruit Salad:

       Pineapple slices,Pomegranate,Guava slices mix and serve as salad.

6.Vegetable Salad:

       Carrot,beetroot cut into small pieces.Add red chilly powder,cumin powder and salt.Also cut coriander leaves and curry leaves into small pieces.Mix all and serve as Vegetable salad.

7.Coriander juice:

          Grind and filter coriander leaves.Add lemon juice and jaggery to it.Very good for digestion and for regulating blood pressure.
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7 Iron Rich Natural Foods


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