Health Benefits of Almonds/Badam

1.Almonds,a healthy nutritious snack,rich in protein and fiber,boost up the energy level naturally.As a fiber rich content,helps in preventing constipation.

2.Almonds are low in calories and contains no cholesterol.It gives the feeling of fullness to the stomach and reduces our food intake.So daily consumption of almonds significantly helps in weight reduction.

3.Almonds reduces the total cholesterol in our body.It helps to  increase the amount of HDL cholesterol and reduces the LDL(bad) cholesterol levels in blood

4.Almonds stabilizes the blood sugar level and helps in treating diabetes.

5.Almonds,rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and are considered as brain food.It helps in sharp, intellectual and healthy brain development.

6.Regular consumption of almonds reduces the risk of cancer,diabetes,Alzheimer's disease and other chronic illness.

7.Almonds,being a storehouse of nutrients helps to improve cardiovascular health.

8.Almonds being rich in potassium aids in regulating the blood pressure.It is also effective in preventing osteoporosis.

9.Almond contains folic acid which is very essential for pregnant women as it reduces the incidence of birth defects in newborn babies.

10.Almonds rich in vitamins and minerals is good for nourishing both the skin and hair.

11.Almonds contains monounsaturated fats and antioxidants like Vitamin E and magnesium which greatly aids in reducing the risk of heart attacks.


  1. I remember being fed soaked almonds first thing in the morning.

    I am glad to have found you at Indiblogger. Your newest follower and regular visitor now.

  2. Thanks for taking time to post your comment.Keep Visiting!

  3. Thanks for providing benefits and advantages of all the nutrient full food like almonds and cashews. Love your blog. It been a long time since I have read some informative post.

  4. My mother used to tell me when I was childhood that one should eat almond as it sharpens the mind. You have shared good benefits of almond. Thank you for sharing it

  5. Oh great, showing the positive affects of fresh vegetables and fruits on the improved health. Obviously health is a ammense gift for us.


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